She was referring to the time she spent at an internship with a well known movie producer. Chanin was hired on immediately after graduation and to her surprise, given the task of editing scripts. Always fascinated by the art of story telling, her interests in writing grew and her vision became larger and much more focused. After a divorce, she spent 14 years as a single mother raising her three children. "Dating in that situation provided comedic material for a lifetime. Somewhere in the midst of that mayhem, the Lucy Lacrosse series was born."  

Seeing the potential in the story and the character, Chanin began to expand on the ideas behind it and the result is now a three part series. She will tell you in no uncertain terms "This is no literary masterpiece, it is simply a story with a lot of laughs and a little grit. Lucy has a bit of a potty mouth, but her character and this story is somehow still completely endearing."  

A newlywed, her full name is now Chanin Kaye Escovedo and she lives with her husband and three children in University Place, Washington. Just two blocks from her house is what she says is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth.  "In a one minute walk I can see my favorite view of the Puget Sound with the Olympic mountains off in the distance.  There is something calming and humbling that comes over me when I look out there.  I just can't get enough of it."

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Chanin Kaye was born in Golden, Colorado but moved to the small town of Enumclaw, Washington before she had her first birthday. Born into a blended family, she was the youngest of 7 children and derives much of her storytelling from the memories and antics from her childhood. She had the privilege of living in a few different states courtesy of her father's career as a commercial pilot. In her first novel. The 45 Loves of Lucy Lacrosse, you will hear stories that came from the uncomfortable experiences surrounding being "the new kid" in her formative years.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, she attained a degree in the music video business. In her words, "My passion for making music videos came from a desire to tell the story found within their lyrics in a manner that exemplified who they were as an artist. I had no desire to make gutless videos with no heart or soul. Consequently I was told by many instructors I would never earn a living that way, and that I should get used to it just being a hobby. It was crushing, but then my creative interests took a turn."  

Chanin Kaye