Chanin Kaye



Living on a tropical island paradise had always been her dream. And after the biggest lawsuit settlement in history, owning a paradise island of her own became a dream come true. There is no shortage of supplies or food and she has a beautiful home where she can live safely for as long as she wants. She has the capability of contacting the mainland for about 90 days. If she chooses not to, she will be on her own forever. What led her to desire total solitude? Will she heal in 90 days or will she decide to be alone forever...

Living a double life

can be a challenge,

living five is nearly impossible.
Olivia is a corporate climber with secrets so big and so deep that if even one were discovered, it will unravel a tale of

deceit so twisted, there will be

no possible way out.

The 45 Loves

of Lucy Lacrosse

...The Final Book (title tbd)

 Her therapy has turned toward focusing on the future now as Lucy thinks she has found "the one".  If she could just bring herself to quit avoiding him, it just might happen. Running out of excuses, she hopes he will not give up before she feels confident enough to commit.

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Will you be prepared when your 

destiny meets your purpose?
Nate is a mechanic, a biker, and a wanderer. He feels a calling to do something significant with his life and the pain of never knowing what it is killing him.  He often seeks solace in church services but his grizzly appearance is off putting and most keep their distance.  All except one...  

Raised by A Monster

What if you found out one of your parents committed a heinous crime you were completely unaware of as a child? 

Interviews with real life children of serial killers, convicted pedophiles, drug kingpins and more.

Did they know?

How did they cope?

How did it affect their own lives, their thinking, their relationships...?

The 45 Loves

of Lucy Lacrosse - The Sequel (title tbd)

Second Thoughts, Second Families 

and Second Chances

In this sequel, the story picks up right where it left off. Dr. F is encouraging Lucy to explore the buried emotions surrounding the relationship with her father and his cause of death. We finally learn about her career and hear more memories from college and the years she spent as a bartender. Listen as she reveals the jaw-dropping secrets she has kept about her ex fiancé ....

It's a Drag

If you have ever watched the reality show about drag queens you are only getting a fraction of the real story. 

What do the true pioneers have to say about it?

How has the face of drag changed?

What is the future of drag?

What is life after drag like?

( there such a thing?)

"Darling, pay attention, this is going to be juicy."